Experience exquisite art with hand-tooled woodturnings from Gotthelf Woodturnings. I offer a variety of beautifully crafted items including bowls, birdhouse ornaments and hollow forms, lidded boxes, pepper and salt mills and other natural woodworks. Sure to dazzle your guests with their detail and craftsmanship, my products will become beloved pieces in your home.

Since 2011, Gotthelf Woodturnings has provided Western New York with unique and custom woodturnings. A wood artist for most of my life, I create natural woodwork from local hardwoods, often reclaimed from storm damage. My woodturnings are made from maple, black walnut, cherry, hickory and ash, among other more exotic species.

At Gotthelf Woodturnings, I am proud to bring charming and practical handcrafted woodturnings to your home. Please browse the online gallery for a look at all of the unique wood turned bowls, reclaimed wood art and other woodcarvings. For more information on availability and shipping of our woodworks, please contact Gotthelf Woodturnings today.


Artist statement

I have been working with wood most of my adult life. Early on, collaborating with local spinners, I designed and built a spinning wheel and various weaving supplies for the fiber artist community. The spinning wheels involved a great deal of wood turning and I found that I really enjoyed creating on the lathe. The challenge of taking a piece of wood and creating something unique is what keeps me turning.

Woodturning is my primary focus. I use a full size wood lathe and hand held wood turning tools such as spindle gouges, bowl gouges, skews, and scrapers. My wood source is mainly local hardwoods reclaimed from storm damage or tree trimming. Some of the species I turn are maple, black walnut, cherry, hickory, and ash to name a few. I also work with many exotics: ebony, red heart, cocobolo, purple heart, olive wood, rose wood, and zebra wood. The wood is mounted on the lathe utilizing centers, face plates, chucks, and friction chucks that I have made. I finish the turned product with a non-toxic salad bowl finish followed by a final coat of renaissance wax.